Dead Plants and Their Lessons

dead dried pink roseI killed many plants in 2018. I, the admittedly 30 something eccentric plant lady watched many thriving green things wilt into brown, and I felt a deep, albeit detached sorrow. Oddly enough the sorrow wasn’t profound enough for me to take action, get up and water them. 

2018 was a very hard year for me, probably the worst I’ve experienced between a car accident that should have killed me and a miscarriage that rocked my body acceptance, I didn’t feel like keeping anything else alive except for myself and my daughter— so much thanks to the plants that held on to the will to live during the very hot summer, and the room-above-the-garage kind of winter chill. Ya’ll are the real ones.

A lot of the desire to fulfill my dreams seemed to die as well when I lost my baby, for a long time I held close to me a feeling of being unable to carry anything of worth, and that included the aspects of myself I once called passions. Nevertheless my dead plants taught me something I desperately needed to remember; Lamoi, if you don’t pay the right kind of attention to the things that feed you, they will wither and they will die. And they may not be strong enough to return from the dead.

They may not be strong enough to return from the dead.

I love plants, it’s important for my balance to surround myself with their rejuvenating energy, but sorrow, when allowed, will strip to its barest bones your ability to nurture, sorrow will make your will listless, it will make your passions appear to be too much work, and it will give you permission to watch those dreams wither and die.

If you’ve experienced this kind of sorrow, give thanks for the dreams, passions, and desires that have held on to the will to live. Be honest with yourself, and learn from the things you have allowed to die. Some may be past their resurrection, and some [if you dig in the soil a little bit] may have planted new seeds for a greater blossoming. full-width


  1. They may not come back from the dead. I am contemplating a possible new relationship that I'm doubtful about because I don't see this potential partner as the right partner they don't fit parameters I have in my head. They're too old they're not as beautiful as my previous partner we might not have exactly the same goals but do they feed me in some ways yes a lot and I'm left wondering do I hold on or do I let go hoping for something even better even though I feel under the gun under a time crunch


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