Honesty, Bad Energy and its Ripples

Here is my confession ...

Mommy and daughter smiling into the camera
...I am a really good liar, and that is a truth I made friends with very early on in life. I am also the type that does not have to keep track of the lies I tell, they just flow together like one body of water into the next – vast, effortless, and deceptively beautiful. The older I got, however, is the more I recognized that I did not want to spend my life cultivating such a manipulative existence, so late in my 20’s, I made the decision to just tell the truth (as often as possible). Throw birthing a whole human being into the mix, and with teary eyes and new mom angst, I stumbled into the light bulb moment that simply making a decision to no longer lie was not good enough for the life I wanted to create. I wanted a life full of using my voice, experiences, and art to make space for others to embrace their full and honest selves, so I knew I had to re-frame my understanding of what it meant to be honest, and why honesty is the best policy.

As I was meditating one day, the answer came running into me full force, and CHILEEE I was not prepared for the conviction: Being honest allows people to fully consent to their interactions with you.

Wait, what?!

We are in this beautiful moment of collective awareness, where we understand the importance of consent and consensual relationships. This respect, allowing people to exercise choice in their relationships needs to expand past the sexual and intimate, and permeate the other areas that intersect as we form relationships. Such as honesty. 

BIG TRUTH; Lying removes a persons ability to make an informed decision on how they want to interact with you. When that bright ass light bulb hit, I mentally went back through the times I have lied, and hindsight being 20/20 I saw how it affected their ability to make an informed decision of how to continue in my life. I was manipulating them to create the outcome I wanted that best served me.

Here is the remix; You cannot make an informed decision if you do not have all the information. Shit... my history as a liar has affected the way I interact with people many years later, and it is the reason I now make it clear with others “give me all the information so I can make an informed decision”

I have to admit sometimes I am tempted to tell a little white one to take the edge off, to add more pizzazz and believablility to my story, and to help fate do its job, but in those moments I always remember ripples in a pond. The decisions we make are not a one drop experience, they are ripples in a pond, and the ripples spread out to impact each and every person within energy reach. I do not want that kind of bad energy to affect the harvest I’m sowing to reap.

Nope. full-width


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