Introspect and Get Your Life

Happy New Year! Whether you belong to team #NewYearNewMe or not, entering a New Year is theeeee best time to self-introspect. To sit and ask yourself some digging questions, to get some much needed answers, and to enter the newness with a fresh perspective.


I must admit, I'm a card carrying member of team New Year New Me (I blame my mild OCD to be honest), and I knew I wanted to step out into my fullness and do more with my passion for poetry, writing, and encouraging people to dig into their own deepness. With that in mind, a few days ago I released Brave & Blooming: 4 Writing Prompts for Self Introspection.

Brave & Blooming: 4 Writing Prompts for Self Introspection Front Page

Brave & Blooming is a downloadable writing experience designed to help you excavate yourself throughout the month of January. Whether you're a poet, a blogger, or a person who loves to spill all to a journal, these prompts are perfect for you. BONUS! Each writing prompt has an act of self-care to round out your heart experience.

Go here to get your download of Brave & Blooming: 4 Writing Prompts For Self Introspection. Keep me posted on your progress, I would love some feedback.

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